Yahoo! Avatars

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I created my blog today by going to Blogger.com.

I already have a Google acccount, so I did not have to re-do setting up a Google Account. Since I don't use my Gmail very often, I could not remember that e-mail address. But, that doesn't matter since one can use any of their e-mail addresses and it becomes the username.

Naming the blog took some time to find a unique name. My blog's name is MG Casa.

Choosing a unique URL also took some time, since many of my choices were already in use. My blog's URL will be: http://mgcasa.blogspot.com

Creating the avatar was fun. I could choose different clothes for her to wear with a unique background. I then exported her to my blog page. I then registered my blog and am ready to go.

This whole process took about 2 hours, with some interruptions. The directions were easy to follow and in a step-by-step process. Additionally, I was able to ask a co-worker a few questions as she had set hers up before. It went very well and I enjoyed setting up my blog.